Kennedy space centre visit

I tend to go on a trip to do research. In February 2019 I am going to visit Kennedy space centre. I always take photos and from them I will develop some drawings. Those drawings will often then develop into large sketches that allow me to experiment with colour, texture and overall composition.     […]

Apollo 11 inspiration

I was clearing out my parent’s attic and found some documents that were my Grandad’s. He was very interested in the moon landings and had collected souvenirs and information from 1969. It was sealed in ziploc bags. There were some amazing hand painted artwork and in depth information about Apollo 11, including a flight plan. […]

Space Race

I have been thinking a lot about the space race and 50 years since the Apollo missions and started to do some sketches for work to celebrate choice of colours comes from colour schemes in retro Sci-fi films like Silent Running . The grey and orange are often put together in space suits or […]

Moscow Cosmonaut Museum

I have always been fascinated by Sci-fi art, space travel and engineering, last year I visited the cosmonaut museum in Moscow, Russia and it gave my artwork a new boost and direction. 


I am fascinated by engineering. By machines that let us explore the real world. Hardware not software. Bikes not Bytes. Anything that makes us look upwards and outwards. To explore. I look back at older technology to inspire the future. I love retro Sci-Fi art and films and use the idea of orbital mechanics to […]

VDNKh and Memorial museum of Cosmonautics

Last year I visited VDNKh and Memorial museum of Cosmonautics once again, I was struck once again by the place. Some might see the ‘Space Race’ technology as obsolete or as mere propaganda, others as phallic symbolism and conquest, but I saw something else. I saw the Retro technology as something real and tangible. I […]